Why go solar?
Benefits of solar energy.

If you are looking for solar panels, solar power, wind power or geothermal heating or cooling in the Tupelo, Oxford, Madison, Southaven or Ocean Springs area, Mississippi Green Power can provide all types and brands of Residential, Commercial or Agricultural Green Power Systems.

We install Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Solar Lights and Geothermal Heat and Air Systems all over Mississippi. We guarantee to save you money on your power bill.

Mississippi Green Power can construct a power grid using Solar Panels or Wind Turbines that will allow you to sell your excess power back to your local cooperatives.

We sell Solar Generators, Solar Lights, Solar Cell Phone Chargers, Solar Food Refrigerators, Solar Wall Lights, dependable Solar Hybrid Batteries, Solar Spark Lights, and Solar Powered Cookers and Stoves.

Here at Mississippi Green Power, we believe Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Geothermal Energy, and Green Energy solutions are a peek into the future way of living. Photovoltaic (PV) solar technology has been around since the 1950s, but, thanks to declining solar module prices, it has only been considered a financially viable technology for widespread use since the millennium turn.

Increase your property value

Multiple studies have found that homes equipped with solar energy systems have higher property values and sell more quickly than non-solar homes. Appraisers are increasingly taking solar installations into consideration as they value homes at the time of a sale, and as homebuyers become more educated about solar, demand for properties equipped with solar panel systems will continue to grow.

Protect against rising energy costs

Without a doubt, the long-term trend for electricity prices is upwards. One of the most clear cut benefits of solar panels is the ability to hedge utility prices.

Earn return on your investment

Solar panels are one of the best ways to invest, with returns rivaling those of more traditional investments like stocks and bonds.

Protecting the environment

Reduce your carbon footprint. Buildings are responsible for 38 percent of all carbon emissions in the U.S., and going solar can significantly decrease that number.

Charging Station Locations in Mississippi

Green Power Technology

Solar Panels

Solar panels work by letting photons released by the sun knock electrons free from atoms, and thus generate a flow of electricity. Solar panels are composed of many smaller photovoltaic cells linked together. The more panels, the more energy you generate.

Wind Power

Wind Turbines work on a simple principle: instead of using electricity to make wind - like a fan - wind turbines use the wind to produce electricity. This renewable energy revolution easily translates into wind power availability right into your home.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal heat pumps, also known as geo-exchange or ground source, is an electrically powered cooling and heating system that transmit heat between the earth and the house by moving fluid through long loops of ground pipe. Geothermal power is cost-effective, reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Green Energy Solutions

Renewable energy is an affordable and feasible option that will save our customers money over time. Our experts take the time to listen to the energy needs of our customers. Our goal is to make your green energy dreams become a reality for the good of your family and the environment.

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