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Q - How do residential wind turbines work?

A - Mississippi Green Power will help you through every step! First, you would need to do a little research on the amount of wind around your area, the zoning requirements and covenants in your area, and any protestations from other residents before even looking at home wind power systems. You’ll also need to calculate whether the turbine would earn money back so that you end up saving money. You’d then have to estimate the turbine’s annual energy output and choose the best size turbine and tower before deciding whether to connect the system to the electric grid or not. Once you have chosen your turbine, you’ll need to figure out the logistics of installing it, and you’ll need to know how to pour a proper cement foundation. You’ll need access to a lift or a way of erecting the tower safely. You’ll need to know the difference between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) wiring, how to safely handle and install batteries, as well as how to safely wire your turbine. As you can see, setting up a wind turbine at home is not a small investment, both when it comes to money and time. Luckily, there are much easier ways to connect your house directly to wind power.

Q - Are there companies that will supply wind energy to my home?

A - There are indeed companies! We are that company - Mississippi Green Power. Our goal is to help homeowners create energy while looking at the big picture, helping the environment, and using GREEN POWER. We offer easy and consistent wind power for unlimited home use.

Q - How much wind power is needed to power a home?

A - There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. Each home is sized differently and has different energy needs. Mississippi Green Power offers quote pricing.

Q - What is the best wind turbine for home use?

A - If you’re thinking about investing in a wind turbine for home use, you’ll need to do a lot of research, and there’s no easy answer! As previously mentioned, each home is built and sized differently. Hence, the most effective way to guarantee that a home gets the cheapest, cleanest wind energy is to use a trusted, established supplier instead of installing your turbine. Mississippi Green Power is here to help you on every step of the GREEN way!